Unique Features

Recover your private key from two passwords at any time, with complete privacy and security.


The Server stores absolutely no information related to your private key. We can't recover your private key even if we wanted to.

Client Side Calculations

Your private passwords are never transmiited to the server, encrypted or not. The entire private key calculation takes place on your device.

Zero Knowledge Cryptography

Zero Wallet makes use of an adaption of the OPAQUE protocol, specifically with use of an Oblivious Pseudo Random Function (OPRF). This allows for information transfer without any chance of leakage.

Your Key, Your Privacy

Unlike services like BitGo and GreenWallet which must always be alerted everytime you wish to sign a transaction, ZeroWallet give you complete control over your wallet.

Simple Interface. Rock-Solid Functionality.

Simply head over to our ZeroWallet app, fill in a unique username, and pick two strong, distinct passwords. Hit decrypt, and within a few seconds you will have your private key and private share right in front of you.

Storing the private key is risky; instead, store your 'backup share'. This, in conjunction with your second password, can be used to recover the private key even if our server goes down. But the private share alone (without the password) reveals no meaningful information about your private key.

Don't trust us? You Shouldn't.

Our code is publically available. Check it out on Github. Even if you know nothing about cryptography, we've written a guide for you to understand how the system works.

See GitHub Page

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